Diabetic Test Strips For Sale?

Who would buy my used test strips? I’m not gonna call that number on the sign, it just seems so weird! What do people do with them, lick the dried blood off of the strips? Yuck! There must be a chemical or something metallic that they are after. I made the photo with my feet yesterday with Prisma on the iPad.

I am not wearing flip flops, the lighter color is because my feet are very dark from another Las Vegas summer. The sun actually burns my feet, they sting when in the sun too long, welcome to the Mojave Desert! That sunset photo is from a few days ago, sometimes photos are forgotten in the desktop folders…

17 thoughts on “Diabetic Test Strips For Sale?

  1. Surely those people want to buy unused test strips. Can’t believe that used strips would still be able to be inserted successfully in a meter. Besides different makes need specific brand of meter that matches the strip. Oh well… Used lances and strips are supposed to only be disposed of in those red biohazard containers. Keeping that A1c below 7 is a challenge, isn’t it?

    • Yes, it sure is! I’m not at 7 but doctor suggested what I need to change, and he is right. I’ve stopped eating a couple favorite foods, damn!! I just assume that these folks want used strips but still… Yuck.

  2. Those signs make me gag! I do wonder though if they haven’t opened the bottles of strips yet, or whether they are just distributing biological waste. Quite disturbing!

    • I dunno and don’t wanna know! I test every other day, sometimes every day but the strips and needles are promptly dropped into file 13! It’s kinda funny that blood doesn’t stain your skin but is quick to stain your clothes…

      • Good on you! Yeah, my Dad is careful too. My Dad has said the same thing about blood stains

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