Slowly Returning To Earth

This rotting picnic table has sat in this place for at least ten years now. It’s on my folk’s property in Michigan, I’ve ridden snowmobiles past this thing years ago! Another ten years may see it vanish back into the earth from whence it came. The color version was kind of boring, hence the grayscale conversion. It was a sunny 100F today, perfect!

15 thoughts on “Slowly Returning To Earth

      • I love how in general, black and white photos haven’t been completely abandoned. There’s something special about them

  1. The stories this table could tell. Treasures of memories of past moments of visits from human or animal. Or the moments in the weather, of long times alone..I love it in grayscale.

  2. What Derrick said is a great idea. Annually on same date would be interesting, and a project that can be passed down through generations.

    • That’s a good idea, Derrick, I get up there maybe twice a year. The table is along a crick so it’s always near moisture and plenty of bugs. The mosquitoes are intense there!

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