8 thoughts on “Joshua Tree Beauty

  1. I noticed that your 50 mm lens is your faithful companion now.
    They are so beautiful these trees and wonderfully photographed, John!

    • Hi Kaya, you are right! I’ve still got the Nikkor 24/70 lens but it’s been at home since I purchased this lens. It’s a short lens which will be nice for traveling. I don’t mind doing the ‘human zoom’ occasionally to get the subject framed how I want either. I now understand why other photographers refer to this lens as the Nifty Fifty! 😬😂

      • 24/70 is an excellent lens! It’s the best for wide angle photos ( no distortion ) and it has a nice zoom. I don’t have it but if I would do photography as you are doing I certainly would buy this lens and used it all the time.

        • Thanks, Kaya. I suppose that lens should be kept in the truck instead of my camera area in the house…

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