Another Storm Approaches

Another rainstorm approached my area this morning, a very welcome sight that I hope will help refill our beautiful Lake Mead. Several of these storms moving through will add up! The photos are from the new iPhone 12, darn nice!

It’s been a very active monsoon season this summer!

24 thoughts on “Another Storm Approaches

  1. Woah, that looks like scenes from a horror film! I hope the clouds didn’t bring too much rain. Rain is good, but too much of a good thing isn’t always great! (We’ve seen some shocking floods in Europe recently)

    • Thank you, Alphe! We’ve had much more rain this monsoon season than last summer and it’s dearly needed. The desert southwest has been in a terrible drought for years. It does cause lots of flash flooding too.

  2. That’s a lot of rain John ! Is this the usual situation in summer or is it rather exceptional, just like we have this year here in some parts of Europ ?

    • Summer here means monsoon rain but it doesn’t always rain much. So far, this summer has delivered lots of dearly needed rain!

  3. Wow love the pictures- I don’t know why but I absolutely love rain and thunder! There’s going to be a thunderstorm here tonight and I’m excited.

  4. I am getting jealous, John. Watched the video and thought that we also could have this heavy rain, instead two days ago we had a few rain drops for a few minutes and that was it. Love the low horizon on your fabulous photos and the overwhelming dramatic sky! BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Glad to know you are getting more rain. The rain is falling here as well. I’m happy I had no plans of going anywhere as the storm has caused traffic issues..

    • That storm is gone, the sun keeps popping in and out. The people here have no apparent idea how to drive on a wet road. As soon as it rains, the sirens start blasting. Since the rain is so infrequent, the oil and whatever else on the pavement becomes slick quickly but it’s not like driving on Michigan’s icy roads. I stay home if possible like today when it’s raining!

        • Indeed, good old common sense took a permanent holiday from this country long ago. I think it’s safe to say that the publik skrewl system has at least something to do with this…

          • Back when I worked, new people would look confused from time to time over the way something was done. Even more so when though of us who were long timers, would ask them, “Did they not tell you to check your common sense at the door before entering?”

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