Desert Directions, Desert Beauty

Here is my next set of photos from a couple days ago. The photo with many Joshua Trees is print-worthy isn’t it?

14 thoughts on “Desert Directions, Desert Beauty

    • Thank you! I keep the original photos just incase, the photos here are only 175kb or so vs 20mb or so.

      • Makes sense. Nothing worse than losing your precious photos, and I still remember pre-digital times when people used film cameras, so I know how precious film is

        • Film? I used one camera with film a long time agoso I can’t say that I really remember using it. I’m surprised that there are still film cameras around today…

          • Well, I learned how to use a film camera in the 90s because that was the only one my parents had. We didn’t trust digital at first. It looked like crap

  1. These are wonderful. I’m loving seeing how it is out there. The only thing that frustrates me about landscape shots is when signs of man intrude. It can’t be helped much anymore but still..

    • Thank you so much, Rebecca! I can remove many unwanted objects in processing but there was very little need for that with most of these photos. I sometimes leave things in like the hydro lines if they add to the scene.

      • Oh I understand. I know that there are many methods for removal, though I don’t know a single one myself. The one with the fence and lines I liked because they complemented each other. Often though to me, things like power lines feel almost like an intrusion.

        • They are a serious intrusion, one that I can’t always remove without leaving the photo looking ridiculous. This valley is crisscrossed with them everywhere! But not outside the city. 😎

          • My son has laughed at me, watching me move about trying to get a shot I wanted with as little signs of civilization as possible. At times getting in rather odd positions..

  2. John – love your perspective on Las Vegas. There is always more than what meets the eye. Thanks for your tip on wide angle with the iPhone. Nice.

    • Thanks so much, Clay! There is so much more here than just the Strip. The iPhone 12 camera is amazing, each new generation brings with it a better camera system. The addition of the wide-angle lens makes the camera pop!

  3. Thank you, Anneli! I was thinking about another ride out there today but maybe I’m overdoing with the landscape photos…

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