18 thoughts on “Back To The Desert

  1. Incredible shots. The mountains put me in the mind of waves rising up. Those clouds are so white and sharp. That road though, that leads to…where?Like one’s life that goes forward until time is up and then ends.

    • Thank you! The road is called Charleston Boulevard which runs from the east side of the valley to the west, then continues several miles west toward the giant fault line you see. Then, the road turns south which is where I snapped the photo.

      It terminates at SR160, or Blue Diamond Road. The road passes the tiny village of Blue Diamond, cute community. When you arrive at Blue Diamong road, you go east or west.

      East is toward the city, west will take you up the pass to a small town atop the mountain at around 6500 feet. Continue, you will arrive in Pahrump, Nevada… That name! 😎

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