Gas My Day

Two goofy photos here, the 7 eleven sign was photographed while stuck at one of Las Vegas’ long traffic lights as was the other photo. Nikon Mobile photography, right? Why do we call gas Gasoline? How about Petrol instead…

13 thoughts on “Gas My Day

  1. The term Drug Store is one I’ve used for a very long time. But the word Pharmacy is much more appropriate isn’t it… Drug Store, a store that offers much more than the drugs I need so much to stay alive…

  2. We say petrol in England. Makes more sense to me tbh and I still use that word whenever I feel like it. Gas means like if you’re talking about a gas stove or whatever. You use it in contextual meanings. True story, after living in England for years, I was visiting family in California and I freaked when my uncle said he was off to get gas!

      • Tell me about it! It was so weird for me to visit my family in California after living in London for so long. Things they said would weird me out big time. Repatriating was another story. Another one of my funny moments was my uncle said he was going to the drug store and I freaked out. In England, a drug store is an illegal drug operation. We say pharmacy there and that’s non-negotiable

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