iPhone Video and photos

Taking care of a couple of errands, I snapped the photos and video along the way, such a beautiful day. I stopped at a Wendy’s restaurant and noticed that almost nobody inside was wearing a mask. Why? Even I who rarely watch any kind of “news” today knows that the mask mandate has been reinstated. How extremely intelligent…

The buzzing sound in the video is Cicada, they are very loud!

15 thoughts on “iPhone Video and photos

  1. It’s at the point your own common sense should tell you to wear the mask. Delta variant is a piece of work!

  2. Was it crowded? I know they are mainly recommending masks during crowds. I continue to wear mine, too. I really don’t want to get sick.

  3. John, I think people are confused and tired of all suggestions.
    I am going to wear my mask because Covid is still there and plus Delta variant is spreading fast. I feel more safe this way.
    By the way, yesterday we had rain for half an hour. I believe that you sent it to us 🙂
    And images are great!!!

    • Thanks, Kaya, the new phone does a great job. It hasn’t rained here in a few days now so apparently we did send it up there! 😎❤️

    • Mixed indeed due to our so-called news down here. What a bunch of chit they are. I’ll wear my mask, keep the hand santitiser in my pocket like last year. Tired of this or not, you’ve still got to do what you are asked to do. It’s in everybody’s best interest…

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