Las Vegas 2019

In these photos, I was likely coming back to town from a visit to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Just before you come back into town, the road descends sharply as there are two small mountains on either side of you. From this location, you get wonderful views of the Strip and the entire valley. Today’s weather forecast is 95F and partly cloudy. When I awoke this morning, the sky looked like it was about to pour rain which would be wonderful.

8 thoughts on “Las Vegas 2019

    • Thanks. I understand after leaving the Michigan countryside to come here in 2013. A huge change in lifestyle but I just love being here!

      • I can feel your enthusiasm through your photos. The closest I have lived to a quote unquote big city, was when I lived in the shadow of Lake Charles, LA. But even then the apartment I lived in had a nice backyard with trees so I could pretend 😉

        • I’ve never been to that state. Too many hurricanes anyway. I could have moved to Florida after the D, but chose to stay here because of hurricanes.

          • Trust me, I understand. While I was living there, a tropical storm blew in. There were two story houses under water just blocks away from us. I was glad to get back here for more than one reason. Funny thing is even this far inland we weren’t safe. In 1989 Hurricane Hugo made it all the way here. As bad as it was here, I didn’t want to know how bad it had to have been on the coast. We had 13 trees down around this house alone, the power was out a week while my brother, two houses down from us was out for two weeks. And my son, was 8 months old at the time.

            • Wow, that was a very difficult time for you! I lived on the coast in Clearwater, Florida in the 90s, lost everything including the car to a damned storm. That memory has never faded…

              • No, I bet not. I swore I had a form of post traumatic stress after Hugo. I woke up when the power went out around 2am and paced the floor until morning listening to that wind. For years high winds made me incredibly nervous though I’m getting better here lately.

                • It’s understandable. Vegas gets several windstorms in the winter months. The gusts can hit 60mph… Occasionally more.

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