Las Vegas Strip 2018

In 2018 I was still using the Nikon D3300 body and a zoom lens, these photos look different from my photography today. Also, I have an appointment Monday with a pro photographer who I hope will give me some solid tips on getting the best photos I can from the Nikon Z6 body. We shall see what happens.

18 thoughts on “Las Vegas Strip 2018

        • Honestly, your photos have always looked really good, Anneli. Lincoln and his buddies always look nice! Have you tried landscape photography? 🇨🇦😌

          • Some. When we’ve been in Montana, I’ve tried to get some of the nice landscapes, but it’s always by guess and by golly. I don’t really know what I’m doing in the technical part of photography.

            • I’ve never been in Montana but it looks beautiful. It’s the technical stuff that interests me, I have a keen eye for small details.

              • You see, that’s the part I hate. I just want to get the picture without all the work of learning the techie stuff. (Not admirable, I admit.)

                • I understand that, I use Manual sometimes and don’t get the settings right. I’d like to move beyond using the Auto setting.

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