Charging Electric Cars

Some of you may know that I strongly dislike electric cars. This video is one more example of why they are good for nothing. The car on the right experiences a major short which causes a fire that spreads to the adjacent cars. No thank you! Where did the electricity come from to charge them? Natural Gas, Coal, Oil or nuke? Hypocrisy.

23 thoughts on “Charging Electric Cars

    • These cars are a joke, I wish people would wake up and see this! The internal combustion engine isn’t going away anytime soon which is good news.

    • Hi Ian, thank you! I don’t understand how these cars are still being manufactured… The batteries are the major downfall of them. And still, you need to carry a gas-powered generator with you at all times to charge your joke up.

      • I didn’t know about the generator. Makes a mockery of it doesnt it ? I would also worry about getting a shock from them and theyre so quiet that theyre a menace to pedestrians. … rant over !!

        • You have a great point, Ian. Recently I was walking in a parking area and an electric car scared me it was so close! Or Car Park. 🇬🇧❤️

        • No, I agree. These tree hugger groups try to stop getting and piping the oil, no wonder it costs more, that among other issues.

          • Here the government hands money over to the oil companies to operate, constantly cuts royalties, price of oil drops and they all bail anyway leaving billions of dollars in orphaned wells for us to clean up. (And then our politicians quit politics and go to work for the oil companies wherever they go). Not too rediculous.

    • I agree, the technology needs to get better, or just stop building them! My V-6 engine never needs charging, it just runs and runs…

        • I will never buy an electric car. My sister lovers hers but that’s her choice. The batteries are toxic as hell too!

      • Just imagine if the US was supposed to go all electric. Can you just see a big transport trucks loaded with our food and supplies, going over some of those mountain passes? Of course they’d have to pack their own batteries (huge and heavy) which would take up space and add to the weight they would be trying to get over the hills.

        • A great point, Anneli! I’ve thought about airliners powered by batteries – it’ll never happen. No battery-powered aircraft weighing 100+ tons will ever lift off!

  1. On the money – electricity is about 30-40% efficient in energy conversion. And there is line loss along the way to the user. And then the batteries are more harmful to the environment than we know.

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