The Installation

Well, the new heating and cooling systems are officially installed and are cooling the home perfectly and are sooo much quieter than the old system both inside and out. You homeowners reading this know all too well what this costs and it ain’t cheap! The flip side is that value was added to the home today. Home equity is a beautiful thing!

I have no intention of selling this home but down the road, it’ll be a big plus. I have no photos of the heating and cooling unit in the attic though, sorry. I can’t safely climb ladders these days. I do have a few more photos to upload though if you care to see them tomorrow. It’s odd that these units are in the attic, but that’s how it’s done here.

14 thoughts on “The Installation

  1. Does seem odd that an air-conditioning unit would go in the attic. Must be the warmest place in or around the house? But then cooler air drops so maybe it makes less work for the unit?

  2. Lot’s of succes with your new heat-pump system John. My whole carrier I worked in this sector (for a wholesaler in refrigeration components and airconditioning). Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • It should be inside, that’s how they are where I grew up. One home even had an oil-burning furnace. The older homes here have these units on the roof which I think is nutty. The attic is better than the roof but those with rooftop units have placed nets over the units to stop birds from nestin g and congrigating.

        • That’s how it’s done in Michigan too. The attic is a very weird place for this equipment but many homes here do it this way.

          It can get up to 125F up there in summer according to the tech yesterday. Wow!! 🔥🙁

    • Hi Anita, so far the system is perfect, but I noticed that it runs more than the old system. I’ll ask the supervisor when he comes Monday about this when he comes for the other half of the payment. Half down, half due upon completion…

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