Water Damage

Yesterday afternoon I kept hearing a ticking sound in the other room. Checking for the source of the sound I found my bathroom ceiling bulging. I popped the bubble to drain it, now it looks like this. I called an HVAC company to come out even though it was late.

They showed up within the hour, the tech found out that the PVC pipe that drains the extra moisture from the coil had plugged up due to calcium buildup. Great. The pipe was unplugged, they will be back this morning to check the system further, the coil may need replacement but I’m not gonna let them do that.

A home is a hole into which one pours money! And that paint damage has to be repaired…

26 thoughts on “Water Damage

    • It had to be popped, the thing was huge! It’s still dripping just a bit. The damage will be repaired this Wednesday.

  1. Eek! Sorry. I know it’s not cheap being a house owner. I hate having to call my contractor sometimes but we do what we have to!

    • It was a huge bubble, I popped it with a steak knife and drained it into the bucket, leaving the funny star up there. The entire system is being replaced! Ouch!! 💰

    • A home is a hole into which you pour money. I’ve done several upgrades to this home and knew this time would come… Supposedly they’ll have this done today but we shall see…

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