Light and Dark

These photos are from yesterday via the iPhone 12 at Teriyaki Madness. The phone store is next door, after finishing my business there I decided to try this place. The food was so delicious! You can see the cook grilling your food while you wait as he flipped the veggies and super delicious chicken several times. Yum! Grab a photo too!

Remembering Family Members

These photos are from May 2021 during my too-short visit to Michigan. I remember these sweet girls, our pets live way too short a life, don’t they? Sandy was my English Cocker Spaniel, the kids were small in those days and loved her too. It seems that the older I get, the faster time seems to slide away…

On My Way Home

On my way home I as usual grabbed some pics along the way. Weird weather today, it was all sunshine until an hour ago, then the clouds rolled in bringing stray showers into the valley. I can see the rain to the south and west of my place. Come on rain, dump on us! This year’s monsoons have brought some rain but more is definitely needed.

Building Another Brick

Along this road, there is a row of very square-ish homes. They lack character. They are built for the desert environment as is my home, but my home has plenty of curves like a woman does. This home-to-be is a mix of modern designs and insulation technology but it looks so out of place in the desert. I’d expect to see this home in Michigan located in a big-dollar neighborhood. Sorry for the rant, but this home looks like a broken thumb! 😂