Definitely Needs Replacing!

I had no idea that the internals of my heating and cooling system was this far gone. The heat exchanger was leaking just a tiny bit, but that’s deadly because of the carbon monoxide. The coils were rusted and seemed to have a small leak too. I have to give the old system kudos though as it made it 25 years! The crew was impressed that it made it this far. Mostly sunny and 99F is forecast for today, perfect!

22 thoughts on “Definitely Needs Replacing!

    • Hi Lavina, thanks. That system was toasted and burnt. It’ll stay hot a bit into September if I recall correctly. Then it’s back to wearing a light jacket for the winter, much better than Michigan!

  1. Dust is a big enemy of the condensor, we advised our client to clean it at least once a year with compressed air. In the neighbourhood from the sea, there is salt corosion but this might be not the case where you live.

    • Those fins were rusting away and full of dirt! The sea is a 6 hour drive south, not sure about to the west but it’s probably 6 hours too, both in California. Our problem here is dust. So much dust in the desert.

  2. Mine was replaced a few years back. They seem to try and go as long as they can, but when they go, they really go. Ours is propane, there were three cracked lines the guy that was checking it told me he had to cut my gas off. I’m telling him go ahead, he told me three times, I guess he was accustomed to people arguing, me, I’m all but reaching for the controls myself. Turn it off already, I don’t want my house or family next on the news due to some disaster because of this. Glad you got yours replaced at the right time

    • Good morning, I totally agree! The thought of carbon monoxide in my home is so scary, a terrible accident avoided I dare say!

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