The Pot

Happy Monday, People! It’s going to be a great week, right? Of course! I’ve got some stuff to do today including a lesson with a pro photographer who will teach me more about my Nikon so I’ll be here less today. I hope I can pick up some great tips about my Z6 today! Have a great day, People! That’s authentic Navajo pottery by the way…

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    • It went really well, this is the best way for me to l,earn usually, one-on-one. I don’t like distgractions, and watching a YouTube video won’t cut the mustard. Details, I want the details!

      • I understand. I was talking with a friend last night and told them I really want to upgrade here, but I would prefer to have someone standing here working with me as I go. I want to do it, I just want a back up set of eyes in case I start to make a major screw up so they can either stop me, or laugh hilariously as I sit here dumbfounded, hopefully the former..

        • If I were in your area, I’d gladly stop by to help you. It’s really not difficult, is there a fellow blogger on WP anywhere near you? Perhaps they can stop by to help you.

          • Thank you, I know you would. Not that I know of no. As a writer I’m sort of an island all my own. Most people don’t understand how it drives me and give me looks as if I were an alien life form dropped among them.
            Of course it didn’t help when I was writing that fiction novel and talking about my characters. There was one guy though, who did seem to not only understand but enable me. There is this one character, the annoying one that so many stories must have, that we would accuse of having followed me to work. Several times the guy would come up to me and ask me to tell the character to just go home, he had created enough problems for one day. Bless him, the guy died of a massive heart attack. He was only in his forties if I remember correctly. Had the nickname of Hollywood.

              • It really is. He was one of those people that you simply could not help but like, Everyone did. Looking back I remember how the person who told me broke it to me so carefully, they knew we were really good friends.

  1. Happy Monday, John! That is so great that someone who knows a lot about Nikon is going to give you a lesson. Wonderful!!!

    • Hi Kaya, thanks! I sure hope I’ll get the tips I need then remember them! The old noggin doesn’t have the recall it used too, LOL!! 🤪

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