A Morning Sky and Weather Forecast

Las Vegas has an excessive heat warning starting today, the temperature is turning up again as shown in the photo of my TV. How nice that my new AC system gets a workout! The sky photo is looking south from my kitchen window at around 6AM. No storms in the area, bummer!

The dining room photo is another settings test using what I learned yesterday with the pro photographer. I look forward to trying these skills in the desert. The fan photo was taken using different shutter speed settings and the photo of my Nikon is from the classroom yesterday.

14 thoughts on “A Morning Sky and Weather Forecast

    • Thanks, Rebecca, the paintings were not cheap! If you moved here, you will in time acclimate to the extreme dryness and summer heat. The heat is here for around 4 months of the year, then it cools a good bit leaving the winter months very comfortable. Jacket and short pants weather in my experience.

        • It’s very nice, but it can get chilly too. A home that the ex and I rented had a small pool. That pool did get a thin layer of ice but it doesn’t stand a chance of lasting when the sun pops up. Las Vegas is in the High Desert, it can be colder.

  1. Way too hot. You can’t be without air conditioning in that heat. Can’t be outside much. It’s a life indoors or in your car. I would find that depressing. No wonder the casinos are busy. People are afraid to come out. Honestly, John, do you spend much time outside?

    • Honestly, in the summer months no I don’t spend much time outdoors. Partly because of the heat, partly due to my heart condition. I can be outside for fifteen minutes I suppose, but the heat will stress my heart.

      Inside we go! Or in the truck where the AC works great. It’s not like this all year, Anneli, by September the 100s will slowly fade away leaving us with really great weather.

      In winter, I wear a light jacket, and short pants year round. I really do like the extreme heat though, it’s kind of like slipping into a perfect shower with the water temperature being just right. It feels so good.

      • I’m glad you like it, John, because it seems that you’re stuck with it. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. The winter temperatures sound more tolerable – quite nice, actually.

        • I’m happy to be stuck with it, no joke. The winters are so mild down here, the snow stays in the mountains where it belongs leaving the valley below with very tolerable temperatures all winter.

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