Cruising Charleston Boulevard

The video isn’t the best but you’ll get the idea of what things look like out there in motion. So far, the new camera settings seem to be working well although they have been processed. Have a happy hump day!

The colors in the video aren’t good, why?

20 thoughts on “Cruising Charleston Boulevard

    • Yeah, and sometimes there is a megas bicycle race along that stretch of the boulevard which aggravates me. I don’t like the damn bikers out there, they are gonna get the crunch by being stupid around multi-ton vehicles whizzing by…

        • No thank you! Of course, people ride bicycles everywhere, you’ve got to be wide awake behind the wheel and drive defensively at all times here. The drivers are crazy, they speed constantly and love to run red lights. And, frequently fail to use turn signals, so damn frustrating! But these buttheads aren’t gonna run me outta town! 😂

          • Here’s a good one for you. My son purchased a decommissioned police car via online auction. A big black charger. He said it was hilarious how people’s driving changed when he appeared and how many remembered how to use a turn signal.

            • Ive seen cars like that everywhere including here. I say the fine for failing to signal should be $1000.00 dollars. Yeah, I’m that annoyed by these ********……

                • Heck no, but Metro can’t fine them all of course. There are 2 million people in this valley which is roughly 20×30 miles. Squish! 😂

                    • I totally agree, Rebecca, they have to be hit at Ground Zero, where it hurts most otherwise known as the bank account.

                    • I do understand the desire to ride and exercise, and that it is safer and more enjoyable in a group. I think it was Tennessee where I saw bike lanes, and a few have cropped up here. They need more, they need a safer place for them and other traffic. My annoyance is with those who act spiteful, moving out into the way, blocking traffic, causing deliberate slow downs.

                    • Yes, those A holes. There are bike lanes all over Las vEGAS, THE SHOULDER OF THE ROAD ON cHARLESTON bOULEVARD OUTSIDE THE CITY IS for the bikers but they don’t always stay in that area. Which is why I flip them off after blowing the horn. Sorry about the caps…

                    • No problem. About the caps that is. It amazes me how they can feel so brave when in truth they are so vulnerable. A bicycle has no chance against a car, a real car.

                    • Our young folks today believe that there is plenty of entitlement but the truth is that there are no entitlements. Throw the golden platter away and get a job. Suckling the government teet ain’t the way!

    • There seems to be less traffic during the weekdays. The bicycle riders get on my nerves as they ride too close to the white line and occasionally cross it. Idiots…

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