Nikon or iPhone?

Which is which? Sorry, no prize for guessing correctly! I am waiting for the tech person to get to my place to repair the paint damage and repair the enlarged hole that was cut to allow the larger AC and heating units into the attic. It seems that these days, people just aren’t on time anymore. It seems rather rude…

12 thoughts on “Nikon or iPhone?

  1. Woo-hoo — really liked both of these desert photos, regardless of the camera. Fun looking at the contest comments here, John.

        • Thanks for guessing, I want to find out how the new phone stacks up against the Z6 Nikon. I recommend the iPhone 12 for it’s camera.

          • I had a guess before seeing the answer and it seems my guess is correct. I do think iPhone lenses is wide as with the second picture. However, that was not my first impression though. I just felt the first one is better.

            • Wow, you chose the iPhone photo! Like I’ve said, the iPhone cameras get better with each new generation. Thanks so much for your comment! ❤️

              • I agreed. I have similar experience with modern phone cameras too. For the size of the pictures that matter to you, full size camera may not be needed.

                • The iPhone file size is more than adequate for posting online, I must reduce the size the same as the Nikon’s photo size.

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