More Redundant Photos!

Hey, are ya tired of basically the same photos again? If so, I apologise. Please think of these photos as practice photos while I slowly become more familiar with the skills I was taught a few days ago by a pro photographer. Practice is supposed to make it perfect, right? Or so we are told.

I have a job interview today and will capture some street photos along the way. I might hit Downtown Summerlin too since it’s near where I am going to find a case for the new iPad Pro. The inspector for the HAVC company that installed the new heating and cooling system the other day was here this morning to do an inspection.

Everything passed. In a few days, the city of Las Vegas inspector will be here to check the system. This HVAC company pulls permits which are nice as it can be proven when the new system was installed when the home goes on the market. I am back here later today!

13 thoughts on “More Redundant Photos!

  1. No, John I am not tired of your photography because you are a good storyteller and it’s not easy to tell stories in your photographs. By the way, I come to your blog for inspiration because I often lack it…

    • Thank you, Anneli! Not bad for a bachelor paid, aye?? 😂 The scenery, the desert and more is why I chose to stay here, not move back to the bitter winters, mosquitos and slick roads…

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