Nikon In The Pizza Shop

After the job interview, I headed west to Downtown Summerlin to pick up a case for the new iPad Pro, done! Grabbed some Pizza that was so darn delicious! The ceiling photos with lights are inside the pizza shop via the Nikon. I shot a couple videos too with some tunes playing, enjoy the songs from the good old days!

30 thoughts on “Nikon In The Pizza Shop

    • Thanks Derrick, I had photographed them before but probably two years ago. Their pizzas are too delicious!

  1. I hope your job interview went well, John. I enjoyed music and the video. By the way, pizza looks delicious. I didn’t have pizza for a long time, my favorite pizza restaurant went out of business…

    • I hope you find a new pizza joint, Kaya! I declined the job offer due to the wrong hours. I know my limits and body better than anyone else… it still sucks though…

    • It was damn good! I forget the name of the place, but they aren’t a national chain. Maybe they are only here as is the Mexican chain called Frieholes and Frescas. Soooo good! 😋

        • I’ll bet that you are correct, Rebecca. The other day I grabbed a slice of 7 Eleven pizza. Later, I thought to search for other people’s opinions on their pizza. To my surprise, people really like their frozen pizza and one lady preffered it over Little Caesar’s Hot and Ready pizza!

    • Thanks so much, Annmarie! How about that traffic? Insanely long traffic lights are the norm here…

      • Traffic was rediculous when I went to the dentist today. Not that much traffic but couldn’t get anywhere because of construction and trains so everybody was piled up right where I wanted to be. UPS van darn near took me out. Drive home was much better. 🙂

        • Shame on the UPS driver! You should try driving here with the aggressive drivers, the tailgaters and red light runners! Grrr…

            • I have 44 years of driving under my belt, I feel kind of sorry for the kids in the drivers training cars I see occasionally. I learned in a much less populated area in Michigan.

              • I have forty some years as well – much of it through Saskatchewan winters. 🙄. I don’t know if all young people are all that bothered. I never wanted to drive and have never been comfortable driving. My daughter loves driving. She is more comfortable driving through a raging blizzard than putting around her house. Her daughter is seventeen and just like her! Her son can take it or leave it.

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