Cheap Divorces and iPhone Landscapes

The lawyers in Las Vegas are all at war with each other, ads for legal services are everywhere. I’ve said for years now that America is a Litigation Nation. Ooops, ya got drunk and married your new love at the Chapel-O-Love, woke up, and realised your mistake! Call a cheap attorney, this is Las Vegas! If they looked at you wrong, take em’ to court! If they farted in your presence, take em’ to court! I’m gonna sue you!!

The two landscape photos are from the other day west of the city near Red Rock Canyon, that phone camera does a fantastic job, doesn’t it!? It’s not yet time to sell the Nikon though bit it’s getting closer with each new version of the iPhone. The last photo is a Nikon photo taken yesterday in the large hallway that runs under the One Summerlin building, an office complex building as far as I know.

12 thoughts on “Cheap Divorces and iPhone Landscapes

  1. I have always felt Divorce was to easy. Plus, I never really wanted to believe it right or imagine it would happen to me. If I ever marry again, I pray it will be til the end.

    • It is very easy! Michigan has/had a No Fault divorce policy, very easy to divorce. I don’t look upon marriage as I used to. It’s just a piece of paper that costs you tons of money and untold emotional distress. I was certainly at fault in three divorces, but certainly not 100% responsible. It’ll be a cold day in hell when I remarry…

  2. I’ve known some charming lawyers – erudite and amusing. But many seem to be simply expensive administrators whose work needs constantly checking for errors. We have our priorities wrong when these idiots, along with bankers, insurers, dentists and other leeches, can earn so much.

    • Leeches, a perfect description! Some of them are beautiful women, but that can’t excuse the ludicrous sums of money these people make. All while so many are struggling to pay bills…

  3. lovely pictures John and very intersting advertising. Regards the lawyer culture, over here we have the same problems. Everybody is out to make a bit of money by threatening you with legal action. TV is full of adeverts for “no win no fee” lawyers.

  4. Anybody who buys into the “$500 divorce” thing is a fool. She will have an attorney, he will have an attorney. That alone makes it $10,000 from the get go.

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