Mojave Desert iPhoneography

Here are a couple more iPhone snaps from a few days ago, the phone does a hell of a job, doesn’t it!

11 thoughts on “Mojave Desert iPhoneography

  1. John, you have your own style creating the wonderful landscapes of this desert. Love these photos very, very much!

    • Thank you so much, Anita! This place still fascinates me after nearly ten years. So much raw beauty!

    • This time of year, it’s very hot! We had 111 twice in a row the other day. The heat is here for about 4 months, then it cools nicely for the winter months. I occasionally use the furnace in winter, not much.

    • Indeed. If you look closely, you may see where the pixels are breaking down a bit which is strictly because of the file size reduction. The full-size image is a few megabytes, I always reduce the size down to around 175 to 190kbs to help make the image load fast for people.

      • I honestly hadn’t paid that a lot of attention. The subject matter was really the main thing I saw first then the other aspects. Now I’ll have to go look.

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