No Processing Needed

There’s nothing to see but a bland, smoky landscape. Add a watermark for what little it’s worth and resize the photos to around 175kb and I’m done. I sent one of these photos to my family member this morning. Michigan has had the smoke, my niece and her husband are in California near the Nevada border near Lake Tahoe.

They are nearer the fires and we worry for them! Such an ugly view, isn’t it? The smoke invalidates your stupid carbon credits! Carbon Credits, such a freaking joke!

14 thoughts on “No Processing Needed

  1. We are in the same situation. Smoke is heavy because of fires in California and Oregon. I didn’t drive to my favorite birding spots for a few days, stay at home. I am waiting when the air will be better. This summer is just ugly…

    • The fires seem to be worse each summer lately, Kaya, I don’t blame ya for staying at home! The smoke has left Las Vegas for the moment. Photos coming.

  2. On a positive note: I love seeing the wide open spaces. There is more available land space in this part of the world albeit more fires.

    • I’ll never buy into the stupid carbon credits thing, it’s so stupid! Humans need a dose of reality.

      • Glad your smoke is gone. But yes, the fires are a terrible thing. It’s bad when people lose everything if they’re in the path of the fire, but I also feel really bad for all the little animals that can’t escape.

        • I can’t imagine losing my home to a fire! These homes are very close together in my neighborhood so a fire next door is more dangerous. I too feel sad for all of the animals and little critters in the woods having to try and escape the flames. 😪

  3. It was very smoky here this morning but fortunately it cleared up this afternoon so I could get outside for a bit. Apparently the smoke we are getting now is from BC. Too bad it doesn’t blow out to the ocean but I guess that doesn’t happen. At least we do not have their fires here!

    • I’m glad that the fires are not near you and yours! The prevailing wind pattern is west to east so no go on a break from the smoke. It stinks outside, but the smoke has cleared just a bit this afternoon…

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