Around The House Yesterday

See that ugly plastic bag and tape mess? That is what is left of the new HVAC system install last week. Gladly, the person who will be repairing the damage is here this morning. He’s at Lowe’s getting some wood and proper color paint to do the work. And that new pot of chili is absolutely delicious! I’m apparently refining my chili recipe, yum!

10 thoughts on “Around The House Yesterday

  1. I love the chili ‘breakfast of champions’ comment. On one of my horrid winter storm trips home from Gravelbourg with my kids I was exhausted by the time I got to Moose Jaw, so I pulled into a restaurant. When we went in we saw the special of the day was chili. My kids loved chili so they all ordered it. As they were snarfing it down, Danny looked at me and asked ‘why are we eating chili for breakfast? (it was like 9 a.m. 😂)

    • (chuckles) Good question, young man! I eat basically anything for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It all provides the body it’s needed nutrients anyway. ❤️

  2. I am sorry about what happened, John. Good news are that soon this will be fixed. Chilly looks delicious!

    • No worries, Kaya, thanks. The hole is being repaired as I type this. The drill noise is covering up my morning Star trek episodes, LOL! I had a bowl of chili for breakfast, the breakfast of champions!

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