12 thoughts on “The Beauty of Two Days Ago

    • Thank you, Annmarie! The road winds through a large neighborhood consisting of several HOA communities. Big money homes of which mine is not!

      • I am sure yours is much bigger than ours. We live in the house Dan was born in! But you know what – I built a brand new house in an upscale neighbourhood with my ex. It was a nice house. It was never a nice home. 😥

        • Wow, there is a big difference between a nice house and a home! This place is only 1700SF or so but just right for a single guy. Single until the end.

          • Twice the size of ours but Dan wouldn’t trade it for a mansion. (I could but only if he came with the mansion). Never say never. Dan was a confirmed bachelor before he met me. 😂

            • A small home is good in my opinion. Today’s homes are far too large and cost hundreds of thousands or millions. Nope! I’ve done so many upgrades to this little home, it’s perfect for me. Maybe a gal too someday. But, she must understand that there will be no marriage and no access to my bank account!

    • Hi Anneli, I take this route to avoid taking Rampart Boulevard, a very busy 6 lane road. The neighborhoods here are big dollar and beautiful. Too rich for me!

    • Thank you, Kaya! It’s still smoky up there? Zero smoke today, yesterday was just barely smoky. I hope your sunshine returns soon. ❤️

    • Good morning, Lavinia, thank you! Calm days seem rather rare here. I saw the little lake looking like glass, had to stop for the photo. 😎 Have a great week! 😎

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