Waiting On Breakfast

I cheated this morning by having a Western Omelet and hash browns which were too greasy but delicious anyway. Oh, and rye toast too, yum! All of the photos are from the new iPhone using the Lenka grayscale-only photo app. They don’t look like true black and white photos to me.

That little restaurant was absolutely slammed busy but it’s also a Saturday morning. More businesses are now placing signs on entry doors stating that you must wear a mask regardless of being vaccinated. I say that’s bullshit but whatever. I’m not the type who will start a ruckus.

I still can’t understand why the hell some folks refuse the vaccination. Maybe they are fearful of turning into a werewolf every time the moon rises… Or perhaps their head falling off like a zombie.

12 thoughts on “Waiting On Breakfast

    • Thanks Pooja, there are three other restaurants in this little strip but the breakfast, lunch and dinner place I went to has the best selections in my view. The slushy joint next door opens at 2PM, how can they stay open!

  1. interesting shots. I tend to agree that they don’t appear exactly black and white but they are still wonderful shots and may actually be better this way.

    • Hi Rebecca, thanks! Some folks call them Monochrome, I prefer the term grayscale. Those photos from this morning aren’t true black and white images.

      • Hey John, I started to say that, but took the easy way and said what I did. My thoughts were in that monochrome could also be something like shades of blue which obviously this was gray, so..

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