Different Places And Times

This is a little medley of times and places in my life. The Pontiac sign is at my dad’s mancave in Michigan, the dog with the meme was taken in the driveway where I lived in Michigan. Both photos are several years old. The donkey photo and the Joshua tree photos are from around two years ago west of Las Vegas.

That groovy color swirl is actually the glass block window in my kitchen, who uses glass blocks these days? The photo of my backyard is about two years old as the African Sumac tree is still in the backyard. I despised that messy tree! There’s a Sago Palm there now. Time just keeps on rolling along, doesn’t it?

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      • I’m glad that my two aren’t too terribly energetic. That can get stirred up but the collars are helping teach them control. Its funny listening to Molly grumble when she isn’t allowed to bark like she wants.

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