18 thoughts on “Thirty Seconds In My Backyard

  1. Twenty years would do it! Up north my ex and I lived in an older home with a massive yard. Probably twenty huge Spruce Trees surrounding it, a garden the size of most city lots, a flower bed six feet wide and the length of the house. Plus raspberry patch, rhubarb, asparagus, horseradish – and an acre of lawn (winding around the trees!) to boot. My ex did not do yardwork other than roto-tilling the garden. Fortunately, my father loved yardwork! They came often, for days at a time, and they would spend most of the time catching me up on yardwork. 🤗

    • That’s great that you had so much help with the yard. Your ex should be whacking that grass down. I do miss the work but my back wouldn’t let me weed whip these days, maybe not even ride the tractors. Three herniated lower lumbar keep me from having certain jobs now.

    • Indeed. Having been in the lawn care business in Michigan for twenty years. I am tired of blowing and grinding leaves! 😵‍💫😂😂👍🏻🌴🌴🌴

    • Bingo, thank you, Annmarie! That’s something we have in common. There were two trees in the backyard but I had them taken down, that African Sumac did nothing but shed all year. Made me angry having to clean up after it almost daily. Palm trees don’t shed!

    • Yeah, he is. I saw his brother at the nursery recently but didn’t want to pay so much for him, sorry Wilson! I tossed the yellow golf ball out there to keep him company since the ball has Sponge Bob on it with his big goofy grin! 😂

        • My neighbors are gone a lot. A different HOA is behind me to the north, a Hispanic family but they aren’t out at all this summer. Bummer, they play such festive music at their parties! I think Sponge Bob will keep him happy for now… 😂

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