Grayscale From The Nikon

This Nikon allows you to choose HDR and Grayscale which is pretty cool. These are crappy photos though! Today’s high will only be 95 which is comfortable, happy Thursday!

Time for more blood pressure medication, 140 is too high!

12 thoughts on “Grayscale From The Nikon

  1. Even in the photos considered crappy, there can be something of interest found. The palm fronds on the tree near the umbrella, look like a sloth that is leaning back against a butterfly, or maybe a bird attempting to reach the top of the umbrella only the sloth is making it difficult..

    • Thanks so much, Rebecca! I didn’t see that. I love how each person can see something different from others. ❤️

      • Childhood of a writer spent stretched out in the backyard picking out shapes in the clouds 😉 or trees. Back when church services were I go were sitting out front in our cars listening to the message over the radio as I was waiting one morning I looked over toward the parsonage. One of the trees over it was shaped (to me) like a T-rex my son couldn’t see that but I did.

        • Scary! When my sister and I were kids, we went to our family hunting camp deep in the woods of northern lower Michigan. Along the two-track there was a branch that would slide across the roof of the truck making a screeching sound. Sister and I though it was a bear claw scratching the truck! 😂

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