Donkeys In The Desert

Here’s a random selection of images from a 2019 ride to the open desert. I haven’t seen the donkeys recently.

16 thoughts on “Donkeys In The Desert

  1. Great photographs! When I was in the Middle East, I missed the camel racetrack. One reason to return if the heat stays lower but I don’t think it will.

    • Thanks so much! That’s looking due south. SR160 is not visiable in the photo. It’s an easy/west road that goes through a mountain pass heading west at almost 6000 feet.

  2. So cool. Have you been to Oatman Arizona? Near the Mojave desert. Lots of Donkeys there.

    • Thanks so much! The donkeys are wild and if caught feeding them, you’ll earn a $300 fine. I’ve seen people feed and touch them, they are nuts!

      • Some people are so clueless about wild animals. The last time we went to a place called Cades Cove just outside of Gatlenburg TN, I was hoping to see a bear. Most of my zoom lens are not name, but they work well enough for me. So I had the zoom on my camera. One of the rangers stopped me and was talking about the cameras and what I hoped to capture. Not long after traffic on the one way road through was stopped cold. The same ranger was walking down the road talking on a walkie talkie, she saw me and told me that there was a bear in the black berry briars up ahead. I stood up on the top of my explorer and shot from there. The briars made getting good shots impossible, but they didn’t hide the fact she had three cubs with her. And there were people trying to get closer. I’m watching thinking “Y’all..are idiots.”

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