Ham Radio, Augmented

I’m feeling stuck at home today with nowhere to go. Hoover Dam? Too far. Calico Basin and environs? Too far, too busy on the weekends. Valley Of Fire Stae Park? Too far! It’s a good thing that I’m a professional couch potato, aye? So why not properly mess up one of my photos? It’s called Boredom. Days like this make me wish I had a gal pal to go do something with… But some of you know that I’m scared to death of being involved with gals these days.

9 thoughts on “Ham Radio, Augmented

    • It’s so darn beautiful! I won’t go there this time of year though, the heat is too much for my compromised heart…

        • The area just west of the city is a huge hiking and rock climbing area. May would be a great time in terms of weather, it’s before the summer heat returns in June. Just take Charleston Boulevard west out of the city.

          • Well thank you! I’m adding it to my list. We will be there for 8 days (a group of 5 friends) so we need stuff to do. None of us gamble but there’s a concert that we want to go to.

            • Good, don’t waste your money in the casinos, they are wealthy enough already. If you have any questions, contact me in a comment or use the Contact page and shoot me an email.

  1. I am a professional coach potato myself.. especially on Sunday. It’s good to be away from any communication once a while 🙂

    • Hi Indah, it’s so nice to see you! My butt is planted firmly on the Lazy Boy couch, ahhhhh relax! 😂

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