15 thoughts on “Out For A Spin

  1. Those palm trees makes me think of vacation. I hope you are enjoying yourself John. Your photos are beautiful <3

  2. I’ve been playing with the numbers after seeing the price of gas for your vehicles. We are still paying US$1.86/gallon more than you are. This is after converting back and forth between the currency exchange and allowing that we use liters to your gallons. Maybe Someone can check my math if they feel like it. That’s based on Cdn$1.60/liter. I I’m wrong, I accept that, but this is the best I could come up with. Also basing it on your gallons holding 4.54 liters.
    Figuring it out another way, if we were paying in US dollars, we’d pay US$5.66/gallon, or Cdn $7.24/gal. No matter how you look at it, it’s outrageous what we pay.

    • It is ludicrous! And who can know the reasons for it? Too many reasons. I’ve never liked the metric system, the Imperial system is much better!

        • It’s silly. Why? Whwn did Canada make that change? I think that besides the States, there may be one other country that still uses the Imperial system. I hope we never change… I follow a few UK blogs and they still use feet, inches and pounds regardless. It seems the change has not been accepted, rather forced on people.

          • I looked it up and was shocked to see that it was already done in the mid 1970s. You might have been just a baby. Metric works very well and is easy if that’s what you learn first. The problem comes when we try to convert from one to the other. Another problem is that all the building supplies (especially wood construction materials) are in feet and inches, as are many of the tool sizes. We now have some tool sizes in metric and bolts that are in inches so you can imagine the nightmares. You basically have to have both handy. I wish they had just left it alone. I was happy with gallons and yards.

            • Wow, thanks for this info, Anneli. I was 15 in 1975. My large toolbox in the garage has both SAE and metric. It’s stupid. Ummm, is that tiny nut metric or SAE? SAE tools are measured in 1/1000 of an inch instead of mm

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