Peaceful Backyard

Taking a break from my favorite boob tube programs I stepped outside and sat in the shade for several minutes. It’s 95F just now and not one cloud in sight. Perfect! The buzzing sound in the video is a Cicada, it sounds different in the video than it does to my ears. This link will take you to a page all about our Cicada here in Las Vegas.

25 thoughts on “Peaceful Backyard

    • It’s usually somewhat breezy Derrick, but in the winter months we get plenty of windstorms. I’ve seen the wind blow hard for three days straight! Haven’t had a good blow for a week or more now though. Our summer heat will go away next month.

  1. You’ve got a very tidy, beautiful yard, John! We’ve gone from extreme heat to upper 60s and lower 70s suddenly. Feels cold by comparison. The weather oscillates, so who knows what will happen? Autumn is just around the corner.

    • Thank you, Lavinia! I had the trees removed a couple of years ago as all they did was shed, shed…. Palm trees don’t shed! Your temps are very comfy now but I understand the temperature shock. When our summer heat goes away in September, I always feel a bit cold initially having been used to 100+ degrees.

  2. The cicada sound would get on my nerves after a while (or I’d have to learn to tune it out). We have crickets here that do that (they’re like a black beetle with a stinger-like tail). They start chirping in early August and keep going until it gets cold and rainy. They also drive me crazy after a while. Headache material if you’re too close to that sound and can’t get away. Having said all that, I clicked the cicada link and saw a picture of one. They are prettier than our crickets.

    • Actually, they never get on my nerves! They are also in Michigan but the Cicada here sound a bit different. The sound tells me that we are deep into the summer months. Bbbzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! 😂

      • That’s good. I don’t mind the sound of crickets far away, but one day I was substitute teaching in a classroom where they had a terrarium with a cricket in it. It chirped all day and seemed to get louder and louder until I thought I’d go crazy. I came home and walked from the front door straight to my bed and pulled the covers over my head. It was one of only two migraines I ever had in my life.

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