Looking Down on The Stratosphere

These photos were taken on Lake Mead Boulevard on the far east side of Las Vegas Valley. The road at this point is higher than the Stratosphere Tower a good bit. Turn around and head east, you’ll be heading into the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, a huge area that includes Lake Mead of course. On the west end of Lake Mead Boulevard, the road dead-ends at the foothills. Today’s forecast is for 100F and sunshine. Happy Monday!

7 thoughts on “Looking Down on The Stratosphere

    • Yeah, it drops of very sharply there for sure! You’ve seen my photos in the city with the damn wires everywhere! I can’t always remove them either. Where does the term hydro pole come from? I call them utility poles or phone polls.

      • Oh! We call them hydro for hydro-electric, or sometimes we call them power poles, and in the old days, we used to call them telephone poles. Interesting, the different names we use. It’s like our barbecue chicken that you call rotisserie chicken, and pop that some Americans call soda.

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