A Video, City and Desert Photos

Good afternoon from Las Vegas Valley. The video was taken yesterday on Charleston Boulevard with the Escarpment looming large. The photo with many beautiful Joshua Trees was also taken yesterday and the others today on the way home from the doctor’s appointment that never happened. Check this out…

Two days ago, I couldn’t have my CT Scan because I screwed up and took my Metformin. Today, I was all set to have the CT done but couldn’t get it because the table you lay on suddenly broke. Apparently, it had gears grinding inside it! So, I once again had to drive all the way back home without the procedure taking place.

The technician was very apologetic, I was very forgiving. I said, hey, shit happens. That said, I hope to get the call tomorrow to return to a repaired CT machine complete with a functioning table. I meant what I said about shit happening, the technician seemed relieved that I wasn’t becoming belligerent. Of course, I didn’t!

Cubed Beef and Alfredo Sauce

Tonight I decided to use some cubed beef that had been in the refrigerator almost too long. The alfredo sauce was intended for the beef but I added a can of cut green beans which was yummy. I thought there was an onion in the fridge, but nope, it went into my chili! Ooops, next time, have an onion handy and maybe some other veggies too.

Mmmm good bachelor food!

The End Of The Road

Where the wonderful Bonnie Springs Ranch once stood at the end of Bonnie Springs Road, this is the view that greets you today. The attractions, restaurant, and more were located directly ahead. Now it’s dead. The sign that I blurred has contact numbers that nobody needs to have. The other photos were taken between the fence and Charleston Boulevard to the east of my location. I just love these beautiful Joshua trees!

Just West Of Town

Just west of town in the open desert as I call it is where I ended up this morning. It’s that wonderful time of year when the summer heat is fading away, and the nights are in the mid to upper 60s. I took a short walk too around Calico Basin. I snapped around sixty photos today, here are just three to begin this little series. These photos are from 50mm Nikkor.

A Smoky Sunset?

Yesterday morning I uploaded some photos showing the nasty, smoky sky over the city. These three photos are from the iPhone, not bad photos but the photo of the sun has it looking so huge. Presumably, by what smoke was still hanging over the valley, the smoke is great for distorting images. Partly cloudy and 82F is the forecast for today, not too bad!

Tom and Jerry Enjoy A Vegas Sunset

I got the Tom and Jerry image from my Michigan buddy this morning. Wondering what to do with it, I found a leftover sunset from a few days ago hiding in a folder on my desktop. But hey now, I loved watching Tom and Jerry cartoons as a little boy in the 1960s! Gladly, I’m not as rickety as Tom and Jerry are in this image. Yay for 21st-century technology!

Return Of The Smoke Fog

On my way to the doctor’s appointment this morning, I notice that the air smelt a bit weird. Getting on the road I noticed that it was unfortunately the smoke fog, it hasn’t been here in a good while. Those damn fires have been burning for months it seems, how totally sad.

Here is a set of photos taken very quickly as I was heading south on the two-fifteen freeway. Basically point-and-shoot photo, no time to focus. On a different note, yours truly made a big mistake yesterday and this morning which precluded me from having this test done.

I can’t take my Metformin the day before or the morning of the test. Nor can I take it three days after the test. Metformin has a habit of reacting terribly with the Iodine the technician injects you with. Dammit! So, I’ve rescheduled the test for Thursday. Dammit! 😂😂

A Random Mix

From 2018, I offer you a real mixed batch of photos this afternoon. The desert photos are from the east side of  Las Vegas Valley, one looking down into the valley, the other looking east into the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The photo of the Whizzer bike was taken with the iPhone on a summer trip back home to Michigan. The couple doing the pee-pee dance is inside a Jimmy John’s restaurant. And the Luxor Hotel photo was of course taken on the Las Vegas Strip.