Under The Blue Mojave Sky

Like yesterday and these photos, today is as beautiful, not one cloud in the sky! Mojave Desert beauty.

12 thoughts on “Under The Blue Mojave Sky

  1. Gorgeous! You take the most scenic drives – or take note of when to stop and take the best photos. For you they must be rather typical but for us, in totally different areas, they are fascinating.

    • Awww thank you so much, Annmarie! The climate and beauty here is what keeps me here. Some part of me wants to move home to Michigan but……

      • No, maybe I used the wrong term. You know when some important official walks along inspecting the troops and they are all lined up trying to look spiffy … I thought that was called reviewing the troops. Inspection time. These palms look like troops all lined up, looking smart.

        • Oh, I see, that makes sense! This road is on the east boundary of Downtown Summerlin. Summerlin is a large housing development with seriously expensive homes. Lots of nice roads with plenty of roundabouts.

    • Hi guys, yes indeed! I usually turn up the White level and Brightness to offset the extra deep blue but left them higher on purpose for these photos. It’s currently 91 and full blue sky just now. I hope you guys have a dandy weekend!

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