Not On My Bucket List!

Are you far too paranoid to ride rollercoasters and such like me? I can’t do it, what about structural fatigue? Are these rides maintained properly? Or, are you likely to spill your lunch? This video will creep you out and maybe make you feel dizzy too! The music is a bit irritating, turn it off!

16 thoughts on “Not On My Bucket List!

  1. Hmmm, Well, I totally enjoyed going on Insanity at the top of the Strat.
    The one roller coaster reminds me of Montezuma at Knott’s. The only other that seemed possible was the glass bridge.

  2. Hard pass on every single one of those! I’ll ride tame roller coasters, like Big Thunder Mountain at Disney, but nothing that sky rockets fifty feet straight up or upside down. Nooooo way.

    • Hi Jane, thanks for stopping by. There’s no way I’d get on these insane rides too! That’s insane. I don’t usually upload things like this, a change of pace. 😂

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