Sitting down on the couch this morning, something looked out of place left of the TV. A small, dark something at the base of the wall. Oh, it’s a scorpion! I’ll take a photo of you for the website, then I’m going to suck you up with the vacuum cleaner! Nasty, evil little desert critters, this is my house, not yours!

13 thoughts on “Stinger

    • They do have venom. I’ve never been stung yet, but my ex’s son was stung. We had to take him to the ER where he recieved a shot that nutralises the venom. His speech was slurred!

    • They are so nasty! They are easy to spot on the paint. You should check your shoes before putting them on, and shake your bath towel out before using it. that’s how my ex’s son was stung with the bath towel right out of the shower. The smaller the scorpion, the more potent the venom. Desert life!

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