18 thoughts on “The Ravage of Time

  1. I have been getting know new me too… it was scary at the beginning but now, yes, this is me with all changes in my body… And today I read a news, Phil Collins, one of my favorite musician, how impressed me… can’t able to hold drumstick anymore because of his hands… Life like that. But your are younger yet dear John, 🙂 at least from us… Thank you, have a nice weekend, Love, nia

  2. One day, I looked down and saw crêpey skin only really old people have! It happens. I feel like a thirty-something above the knees, but from the knees down, I fell the ravages of time that verify I am 73 years old! What shock, too, that my high school class’ recent reunion was for 55 years!

  3. I feel your pain! I remember my ex mother in law told me she always felt like she was 18 in her head. I thought that was weird but now I’m 62 and I absolutely get it now! Lol

  4. Thank you, Bren! I thought I was following you, I just stopped by your site and took care of that. Thanks for stopping by! 🇬🇧

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