Florida, 2019

Here are some older snaps from around Dunedin, Florida. On this trip, I was suddenly slammed with another kidney stone which is really terrible. If you’ve ever experienced the pain of a kidney stone then you know my pain!

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  1. Uhhh, ohhh. I can still feel the pain. I had them too, more than a decade ago. Went into the hospital with horrible pain and they gave me meds. In German, the name for the technique to make them pass easier by meds is funny… it’s called “Zertrümmern”… literally, the English translation for that is “smash”, “shatter” or “destroy”. Can you imagine what kind of face you make if a person in white tells you “We will need to shatter your kidney stones”? I guess this must be a cool doctor inside joke… seingt the patients face like “What the actual f… do you want to do with me?”. 😀 That dude smiled afterwards and told me “Don’t worry, I am talking about meds, not a surgery. I was like “LOL, ah ok nice, I get it”.

    Cool artsy photos tho!

  2. Cool photos! Sorry about the kidney stones. I had them once. Got medication that was supposed to make it easier for them to pass – nothing. Went through a second prescription – nothing. Had a bowl of French Onion Soup and the stones flushed out the next morning. I have made sure to have onion soup regularly ever since and haven’t had another kidney stone attack.

    • Really? I wonder what’s in the soup that causes the stones to pass. I love that soup but haven’t had it in a long time. Do you make it or buy the package at the store? Lipton I think?

      • I make my own with fresh caramelized onions and low salt beef broth, homemade croutons and shredded cheddar cheese. Onions are really good for dealing with infection and reducing swelling in the urinary system so there is more room for the stones to pass. I don’t know where I have read about that online but I did and it works for me. 😊 and I love it too!

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