Palm Art

This single photo morphed into what could be thought of as artsy-fartsy art. Kind of art. Or art? This is what I sometimes do when being a lazy couch potato at home. Getting the next several days of tests and one procedure lined up in my head takes a little time to coordinate. I wish I had a family member here, that would be very helpful!

Four applications were used to render the first photo

23 thoughts on “Palm Art

  1. Cool photo Art. I hope all your health tests and procedures come out well. Having someone to support you and share in the experiences would definitely make it more palatable.

        • Aww thank you! That’s the WP community. I’ve been here for ten years with other blogs, but this one has been up since 2016. I just paid WP for another year of my Business plan, it’s worth it to me.

  2. Both images are nice, each in different ways. Now, about your procedure/tests: Making lists always worked for me. We put up a dry erase board with each test or task written with date/time/place listed. Once done, erase it and add the next one. This worked well when I got out of the hospital a few years ago and had lots and lots of tests/appointments to track. My family members helped me keep track. Can you get one of yours to do a “long distance” from Michigan help? Daily calls, sharing your to do list? Hang in there, John, you’ll handle it.

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