Palm Art

This single photo morphed into what could be thought of as artsy-fartsy art. Kind of art. Or art? This is what I sometimes do when being a lazy couch potato at home. Getting the next several days of tests and one procedure lined up in my head takes a little time to coordinate. I wish I had a family member here, that would be very helpful!

Four applications were used to render the first photo

23 thoughts on “Palm Art

  1. Both images are nice, each in different ways. Now, about your procedure/tests: Making lists always worked for me. We put up a dry erase board with each test or task written with date/time/place listed. Once done, erase it and add the next one. This worked well when I got out of the hospital a few years ago and had lots and lots of tests/appointments to track. My family members helped me keep track. Can you get one of yours to do a “long distance” from Michigan help? Daily calls, sharing your to do list? Hang in there, John, you’ll handle it.

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