Blue Sky Love

Well, guess what? Las Vegas has a blue sky today! Are you surprised? I had a couple of missions this morning so these photos are all that I could capture along the way. It’s cooler today with just ninety-five degrees and it feels wonderful for a change. Soon our summer heat will go away until next May but our winters are very mild thank God.

7 thoughts on “Blue Sky Love

    • Really, I don’t know the weather patterns there . I just assume it’s similar to Australia. Oh, is Tasmania a part of Australia? 🤔

      • Ha ha, happy to be left off the map, maybe the rest of the mad world will forget about us. Were a little further south, colder winters but longer drawn out summer days. And no Covid 🙂

          • First day of compulsory mask wearing at the market today, preparing us for border opening once full vaccination rates are up. Only high risk areas of the mainland aren’t permitted in currently. Its arrival is inevitable, we cant live in a bubble forever unfortunately.

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