Thursday Beauty

Here are more grocery store flowers, aren’t they just beautiful! I am a believer that flowers from your local grocer can be every bit as beautiful as those at an overpriced florist shop. Look at them, LOL! The weather today is supposed to hit 99 today but it’s a long way from that right now at just 81. I hope it stays like this all day. I was just chatting with my dad on the phone in the backyard a bit ago under the shade of the palm tree, just perfect. I hope that your weather is as nice.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Beauty

  1. Very beautiful colours! I never purchase flowers, but I love indulging in looking at different plants and edibles at gardening centers. At some point I would love to have an enormous at least 30x20ft unsuklated greenhouse to grow all year round. That is a dream of mine.

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