A Members Only Club?

I was having a nice chat with my neighbor yesterday afternoon, just catching up. The subject of local churches came up. He mentioned that a church that he had visited a while ago has a policy of allowing a person three visits, after that, you must join the church or you can’t come back. Now, correct me if I am wrong but I seriously doubt that Jesus approves of this policy. That is absolutely ludicrous! The church should allow as many people as they can to enter the church doors!

These photos are from the iPhone a few nights ago, no members-only club here.

14 thoughts on “A Members Only Club?

    • Thanks, I agree! I’d not be surprised if that were the case. I guarantee you that Jesus disapproves of that rule… So wrong! I don’t know which church it is.

    • We should give the church our tithe but to lock people out of a church for not joining it is absolutely ridiculous. Shame on the pastor and leadership!

  1. Disgusting. It reminds me of when I tried to go into a church in Spain and I didn’t have my Sunday best on (traveling clothes – but I was clean). A woman stopped me in the entrance just inside the front church door and scolded me for coming into the church looking the way I did. I thought, “Whatever happened to the God who accepted everyone; not just those with fancy clothes?” So, I was reminded that there is a lot of hypocrisy in the church.

    • That’s so wrong, Anneli! Apparently this is a world-wide problem. I haven’t been to church since the divorce, organised religion doesn’t sit well with me these days but I do watch the service online.

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