The Cooling Trend Begins

The daily high has now dropped below 100 degrees indicating the end of the summer heat for this year. I find this time of year very comfortable when the daily high is just right so that the doors and windows can be left open. No screens, no worries as there are no mosquitos and very few bugs. The photos are again from the iPhone 12 late yesterday.

10 thoughts on “The Cooling Trend Begins

    • Thanks! Las Vegas has 300+ days per year of sunshine. I actually feel a bit blah on cloudy days here.If I were to move back home to Michigan, I may feel blah every day as it’s always so overcast up there!

    • You betcha! It’s a short time too, I open all the doors and windows. It’s so nice to walk through the entire home feeling a breeze in each room.

    • I agree, each afternoon I seem to assess the sky for cloud cover hoping to get the next hopefully good sunset photo.

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