I Was A Star Trek Child

Growing up in the 1960s, I never missed an episode of Star Trek, the original series. In retrospect, I was certainly influenced as a child by this wonderful series, created by Gene Rodenberry, a man with a great vision. I am thankful for all of these people and the wonderful memories they gave me and millions of other people around the world. Today, I am still every bit the Trekkie and watch Star Trek on BBC America each day during the weekdays. Thank you, Gene.

13 thoughts on “I Was A Star Trek Child

  1. I always heard “A trekkie wears the costumes (including Spock’s ears) and a trekker just loves the show. I never wanted to meet Shatner (I heard about the full of himself stuff before) but still love the old episodes!

    • Hi, that’s great! We need a warp drive system to reach these stars that would take millions or thousands of years to reach otherwise. It may never happen though. I want Giordi Laforge in the engine room!

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