12 thoughts on “Sharp Contrasts

  1. Oops… (Whispering) Didn’t mean to spill the beans. (Normal voice) Don’t know why they would take them down. Maybe the artist can set ’em up somewhere else.

  2. I remember seeing these shots before, from a distance. Weren’t there four of these stacks? Very strange that someone would go to the trouble to put these up. Guess it’s art???

    • The artist thinks it’s art so it’s art to him! I would like to have seen the boulders being stacked actually. Looking at them in person, they are a major contrast to the monotonous desert colors. I believe there are four stacks. Did you guys drive by them? They are visible from the 15 freeway.

        • Yep, it’s been a long time since they were first uploaded. Your not supposed to know that, haha! The “art” will be on display until the end of this year I think. They should just leave them.

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