Where Do We Go?

Where do we go when we are under anesthesia? My medical procedure this morning dictated that I be unconscious, hence I needed the Lyft ride. Looking back, I have zero memory of that time. No dreams, nothing. So then, where does our consciousness go? Do we go back to God from whence, we came? I don’t believe anyone can answer this question.

Is this our mind when unconscious? Somewhere in the void?

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  1. I hope everything went well dear John, great question and amazing photograph with this question… Thank you dear, I hope you feel better today, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

    • Thank you, Nia. I am feeling better two days on, my stomach has settled some, and my energy is slowly returning. Have a safe weekend my friend. ❤️

  2. Hope all is ok John. I have found those minor procedures that I need to be put out for are the best sleep ever. No dreams, no nothing. I think the procedure must have made you tired later, or perhaps the anxiety leading up to it- sometimes we are anxious without being conscious of it but it take a lot out of us! Hope you are back to yourself now.

    • You are right on, Lisa! I was anxious, then late afternoon I just had to go to bed and slept almost 12 hours! Talking with the doctor office today about a prescription, the lady said that the anesthesia is what took the zip out of me! Better today but still a bit tired. Thanks for asking! ❤️

    • Hi Derrick, thanks, I am fine now but went to be late afternoon from being so wiped out tired. I never want to do that again! Thank you for asking, my friend!

  3. I agree with Valeria. I hope everything went well. As for anesthesia, we don’t seem to dream so it’s so resting! I’ve had a few surgeries and always feel well rested. It’s when it wears off that the problems lie!

  4. Hope everything went well!
    This is a great question! Going under always leaves me super charged and well rested, so if that is what good solid sleep is like in Heaven… I AM GAME.

    • Hi Valeria, thank you! I got home around 11AM and felt OK until late afternoon, hence I went to bed at 5:30PM which is very odd for me. Now I’ve been up since 3AM. Yuck. That really wiped me out. They found out what the problem is, I won’t say any more on that. I was out about 40 minutes, so it was zero rest. It’s very bothersome that that I have no memory of that time at all.

      • Hope what they found is something they can help you resolve or manage. 🍀
        A while back, I want to say it was on PBS, there was a show on anesthesia. Where it all started and how they actually don’t know how the stuff works!! 😂 I laughed nervously that whole show because I had a surgery booked that month. They just know too little doesn’t work, too much is lethal. So maybe God really foes have the wheel for us during surgery!
        Glad you’re ok.

        • That’s really interesting, Valeria. So it’s basically a guessing game? I’m glad that the woman putting me under got it right! They did find the problem, it has a simple solution actually which is wonderful! God is in control of everything since He made everything! ❤️🙏🏻

    • Credit has ruined millions of lives in this country. The constant barrage of TV commercials about raising your credit score and more just cranks me off. It’s as though if a person has poor credit, then they are a loser, a worthless human being that has zero value. Sorry, just giving my thoughts on creditors. Crooks…

      • I was being funny, but I agree with you. The wife and I pretty much pay cash for everything, including cars. We got rid of our credit cards a decade ago. We mortgaged the house, and that is all that is on our credit report, so our scores are low. Not because we are deadbeats, but because we are responsible.

        • Thanks for clarifying this. My home is paid for as is my truck yet my credit score isn’t too great. We both can see how incredibly flawed this system is, it’s ridiculous.

          It prevents people from attaining their dreams. I am sure that this is all by design by those who hide in the shadows, pulling the strings. Evil

  5. I had to be put out for my cancer surgeries. It was so odd, one moment I am seeing the lights, then nothing. I don’t really recall the waking from the anesthesia, I was simply, suddenly awake. The question you have posed does have merit, where do we go during that time?

    • I’m glad that your cancer has been remidiated! I remember going under, the prickly feeling all over my face, then nothing. Nothing until I awoke in the recovery room. I felt like what? Where was I? Where did I go? I have no memory of that time, so is this why the day seems to be sliding along faster?

  6. I always thought this is what it’s like when we die. We don’t know anything. Time is meaningless. It’s just nothing, nothing, nothing, like when our brains are numbed from anaesthetic. (Just my humble opinion.)

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