Moonshine and Blue Skies

As in the photo, the sky is just as blue and beautiful today as it often is here, something I will never tire of. The moonshine images are from the iPhone 12 a few days ago. I feel pretty good this afternoon but am still a bit tired from yesterday’s medical procedure. That crap takes the heck of a lot of energy out of your body, doesn’t it!

14 thoughts on “Moonshine and Blue Skies

    • Hi Derrick, I slept ten hours last night, again! It’s taking longer than I thought to fully recover from this. Feeling better day by day though. I’m only 60 so I should recover fast. I have an MRI this month on my heart but that won’t kick my butt! ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Thank you, Anita! My moon photos could be better if I spent some time in the backyard with the camera on the tripod, and messed with the ISO and F/stop settings.

    • A good question, Rebecca. I did some quick research on this but didn’t find anything specific about it. However, I can understand them. Weird, eh? 9 years here may have something to do with this. The lights are black as you noticed, maybe it’s because of the powerful sunshine year-round. But then, black attracts and holds solar heat well so…

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